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Our Brands

At DecorStandard Corp, our ambition is to enhance the quality of life by delivering peel and stick home decoration solutions for any space. Currently, we have two brands, Tic Tac Tiles and Tic Tac Paper. Our various patterned tiles and papers will be sure to make a bold impact in our customers' space such as a kitchen, bathroom and RV. The embossed 3D epoxy finish will also bounce light and make the space sparkle! Our products are designed and engineered to be an easy DIY product yet permanent once installed. This means that customers can transform any space within just a few hours without any special tools, skills, and mess.

Tic Tac Tiles

The premium quality self-adhesive wall tile

Just peel and stick! Anybody can tile a wall in an hour or two. No special tools are required for our tile stickers. We have a great wide-ranged tile selection that will suit any interior. They are easy to clean, heat resistant, and resist mold and mildew.


Tic Tac Paper

The self-adhesive peel and stick wallpaper

An easy alternative to a stylish upgrade. Delicately manufactured in South Korea with eco-friendly materials, Tic Tac Paper is the premium self-adhesive wallpaper that is easy to install and maintain. It is the perfect product for a quick and easy DIY project and more!


Experience with Our Brands

Our customers transform their homes into a stunning high-end look with our products using their imagination!
Read reviews of how our products can be styled in various ways from classic to contemporary!


Fast and easy insulation with a professional finish, perfect for RV renovations!

This tile was easy to install (it took us 1 hour), VERY adhesive and beautiful. It is highly water-resistant, easy to clean and has a real tile feel without the toothbrush-scrubbing grout to worry about!


Meet Our Brands

For more information about our home decor products we provide, reach out today. We are sure that you can transform your space within just a few hours without any special tools, skills, and mess. Give your home a stunning high-end look with Tic Tac Tile and Tic Tac Paper as your imagination!