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Local Artist Supporting(LAS) Project

LAS Project?

DecorStandard sustains its business by contributing to our community.

We believe that by giving our local artists opportunities, we will be able to establish a virtuous circle that encourages growth and creativity. These artists are more familiar with our local culture and express this by developing distinctive designs that are unique to the eyes of the customers. After completing their projects, they are able to communicate actively about their experiences with the products through social media. They will be able to share home décor ideas and inspire others to replicate or even develop their own style of design. 

We and the designers quickly identify what customers are seeking, using the artists’ insights to implicate improvements on SNS. By continuing collaborations with these local artists who present creative and inspiring home decoration ideas, we can produce products in our facilities at a competitive and affordable price to customers. This will be an absolute win for customers, artists, and Tic Tac Tiles.

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LAS project: About
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Why We Support Local Artists?

We believe in the power of local artists. Local artists have a special dedication that allows them to persevere even after experiencing hardships, errors, and mistakes. Before artists are able to publish their work, many first experience ideas failing, artist's block, and even emotional distress. Thus, the work that they manage to create, sell, and share in the end is not just the work itself but also part of their soul, heart, and their lives. 

Many designers also have immense potential to succeed but may lack the funds nor assets to commercialize their designs. Thus, our program is differentiated from reward-based cloud funding. We handle all costs associated with the development of their ideas to the home decor market. We will showcase their creations to the world, help them create and establish connections, and encourage them to work diligently and passionately. 

LAS project: About


We are seeking individuals who are motivated and committed to bring their art to life. We want to support those who have the ideas but do not have the time nor budget to commercialize them. We are also interested in working with those who simply want to take this chance to possibly develop any creative ideas and interests that they have in mind. 

DecorStandard provides equal opportunities to all applicants for this project and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.

Application and Process

In order to be eligible for this project, we request an application to be submitted on the web. Once the application is submitted, a selection process will be held. Invitations for interviews and meetings will be sent and held virtually. The interview will be spoken in English. Once the chosen applicants are interviewed, we will make our final decision. The chosen applicant will be asked to meet again and the contract, manufacturing, and sales details will be discussed. Finally, we will present them with the reward payment.


Before submitting the application, please ensure you have your tile design file attached as per our guidelines. To be considered, please submit 1) the application, 2) your tile design, and 3) an edited image of the tiles as wall tiles (the template image is provided below). 

All parts are needed to be fully considered an applicant. The files can be in any format (e.g. jpg, pdf, pptx).

When submitting, you must specify the size per tile; the tiles do not have to be strictly 12”x12.” Application examples can be applied by downloading the attached file, and you can use any image available to you.

If you are the final applicant, the design must be submitted as a modifiable file (psd, ai, svg). The copyright of the work is to the artist, and if a lawsuit is filed against the copy, that person is responsible.


There are no deadlines for this project. You can apply at any time during the year. Please check that you are seeing the most up-to-date version of the project guidelines and submit an application here.


We plan to review the application on a rolling basis. However, the impact from COVID-19 may delay the process. We will share our review date on the website and aim to meet our target timescales for when the decisions will be made.

Our team will review and choose winning ideas at our sole discretion, considering the market preference, customers’ needs, and the other elements that affect manufacturing and commercialization. Also, the initial quantity and price shall be determined based on the market demand and cost of sales. 

Reward Payment

Once the idea has been produced and ready for the next steps of development, you will receive your first payment for the design. After manufacturing, every 100 packs (or 1000 sheets) sold  will result in additional payments as a check or a charitable donation as well as additional rewards for your product.


When submitting your design idea to DecorStandard, all information and design materials submitted are confidential. They are only viable to our teams for review and not be disclosed outside of the application.

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